Temporary Scottish Covid-19 Lockdown January 2021

Temporary Scottish Lockdown 5th January 2021

We are continuing to follow Government and Local Authority guidelines and the safety of our staff, customers and the community is of paramount importance to Shiel Buses.

Therefore, please let us remind and update you:


Essential travel only:

Please consider if your travel is necessary. We are continuing to provide a service for essential workers and those that must travel. By law, for at least the duration of January 2021, you can only leave your home for “reasonable excuse”. Please see guidelines here - Coronavirus (COVID-19): stay at home guidance - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)


Hand sanitiser:

We have hand sanitiser inside the entrance on all our buses and coaches. Please use it when boarding. Additionally, you are encouraged to wash your hands thoroughly before and after travel.


Payment on bus:

We continue to encourage you to use Contactless wherever possible. Contactless payment is fast, easy and reduces the handling of cash for our customers, drivers and administrators.


Face coverings:

Face coverings are mandatory on all public transport and school buses. We urge you to wear your face covering correctly whilst boarding, during the entire journey and alighting our services. We urge you to be understanding and mindful that some passengers and drivers are exempt from wearing a mask and the reason for the exemption is not always obvious or visible. Please also note that drivers who have a screen are not required to wear a mask but can if they wish to do so.


Social distancing:

Observe social distancing and spacing on our buses and in bus stops/queues. Wait for passengers to exit the bus before you attempt to board. Please follow instructions on signs displayed in bus stops and on our buses.


Food and Drink:

Please do not eat or drink on public transport unless you need to take medication.


Litter and property:

It is more important than ever that you do not leave any litter (this includes food, packaging, tickets, tissues, masks etc) and please ensure that you take all your property with you on exiting the bus.



At present, our services are running to normal timings, including our school services which are in place for children that need to attend school. If we need to make any changes we will advertise on our website and Facebook page.



Prior to Covid-19 we had a robust cleaning programme in place. This was increased in March 2020 and continues to include sanitising all touch points (hand poles, assistance rails, head rests, driver cab, ticket machine and seat belts) between each service. Each service bus and hire coach is deep cleaned daily.


As you’ll appreciate, these are very difficult times and we thank you for your understanding.


For further guidance on how to travel safely, please see - https://www.transport.gov.scot/.../advice-on-how-to.../...


Take care and stay safe.


For further information or any queries please email info@shielbuses.co.uk