Coronavirus COVID-19 Timetable Changes

Coronavirus COVID-19 Timetable Changes



The safety of our customers, staff and community is of paramount importance. Like many businesses and public service providers we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak and taking guidance from both the Scottish and UK Government and Highland Council.

We would like to update you on the number of actions we are taking to keep you safe whilst travelling by bus as well as the measures you should be taking to keep yourself safe during this unprecedented time. We hope you find the following useful.

Is public transport restricted?

Yes. We are in a government enforced lockdown and the guidelines are that you only travel if it is absolutely essential. The only reasons being – to pick up essential shopping or medicines (as infrequently as possible), for a medical need, and for essential work (Key Workers). You must not travel on public transport if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus. If you must travel, it is advised to practice Social Distancing on our buses and in bus stops and queues.

Are you operating a normal service?

No. Due to school closures we are not running any of our school services. We have reduced our timetables significantly. Our current timetables can be found HERE. Our priority now is to make sure Key Workers and those that must travel (as per Government's guidelines) are able to do so safely and effectively. We are constantly monitoring this and being advised by Local Authority and the Government.

What are you doing to keep your drivers and customers safe?

We have a robust cleaning system in place. Each bus in service is thoroughly deep cleaned daily and high usage areas are being disinfected between services. Our drivers have hand sanitizer which they can use when out on service and are advised to wash their hands thoroughly before and after their service. They have a choice to wear disposable gloves and face masks.

Screens have been put up in the driver booth in the buses that allow this.

Hand Sanitizer has been installed on many of our service buses and our customers are advised to use it.

We have attempted to go cash free as handling cash is a high risk to our drivers and administrators, however we do appreciate and understand that not everyone has a Contactless card or a Smart Phone. We have re-introduced our Smart Card which you can purchase for £1 from the driver and top up with £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £40 or £50. After the initial cash transaction, you can use your Smart Card each time you travel and until you need to top up again. For more information, see HERE.

What should I do as a customer?

Like many other companies, we continue to strongly advise you to ‘go Contactless’. This is for the safety of you, our staff and the community. Please see above.

Please consider if your travel is necessary. We are continuing to provide a service for fellow Key Workers and those that must travel.

Please try to practice Social Distancing on our buses and in bus stops.

Please do not use Public Transport if you have Coronavirus symptoms.

Please always be polite and kind to your driver. They are on the front line too!

We would also ask for you to be mindful of the government and health advice to protect yourself and others from the virus. For more information visit the NHS Scotland website or Scot Gov.

We hope this information gives confidence and reassurance we are doing everything we can to reduce the spread of the virus.

We appreciate that these are very difficult times and thank you for your understanding.

As a token of our immense appreciation, NHS and Care Workers can travel for FREE until further notice if you show our driver your ID badge. Please remember to tell the driver where you are going, let them see your ID clearly and remember - a smile and a thank you go a long way!

Take care and stay safe.